About Us


About Us:

 We are so excited to announce the launch of The Duffle Brand, where Fashion and Beauty Empower Sell Wellness!  The Duffle Brand represents the fusion of two dynamic brands, KR Beauty Salon and Duffle Bag Apparel.

 2020 was hard! The emotional and mental toll of the pandemic led my husband and I to re-evaluate our careers and to create a company that educates on the importance of self-wellness. Utilizing our nearly 20 years as entrepreneurs, and my expertise in beauty and fashion, we founded an apparel and bag brand featuring positive and empowering messages.

We understand that self-wellness requires real work, time and intention. We developed products that wrap our customers in empowering affirmations and salon services that enhance their natural beauty, giving our customers support and encouragement on their journey. Through this journey, God not only allows us to uplift our customers out side appearance , but it allows for internal work as well.

KR Beauty Salon

KR Beauty Salon is a unique salon providing top-quality hair and self care services which leave you feeling incredible!  Our clients walk in feeling naturally beautiful, and leave looking stylishly gorgeous! Staffed with experienced and certified beauty experts, we engage our clients with services that support their mind, body and spirit.

Duffle Bag Apparel

Duffle Bag Apparel, a premier athleisure brand, offers high-quality, comfortable, and stylish apparel and backpacks. Designed to manifest positivity and promote self-wellness and strength, our products feature powerful words and empowering affirmations, and are versatile enough to complement an active lifestyle.

Grab something here and be a part of this self-wellness journey, motivating ourselves as we empower others in their active lifestyles!